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Pressurized Bronze Pitless Adapter

Pressurized Bronze Pitless Adapter


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1" Pressurized Pitless Adapter, Lead Free

For installations requiring a pressurized point of attachment. A small hole between the internal and external gaskets ensures positive pressure at the seal to the well casing. Pressurized pitless are stamped with a "P" on the top of the slide portion of the pitless for identification after installation


Product:                                                PA-100NL
Description:                                         NL BRNZ 1" PITLESS ADAPTER
Carton / Case:                                     1 / 16
Class:                                                    34506
Size:                                                       1"
Drop Pipe Size:                                    1"
Casing Size:                                          5" - 12"
Hole Saw Size:                                     1-3/4"
Working Load-lbs:                             2000
Standard:                                             Water Systems Council
Standard:                                             No Lead <0.25% Third Party

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