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Plastic Oddities

Valve Box Extension Kit

Valve Box Extension Kit


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This Valve Box Extension Kit is designed to function as a custom depth valve box. Included in the kit are the base (6-1/2" diameter) and the lid (designed to fit on 6" Schedule 40 pipe). You will need to provide a section of 6" Schedule 40 pipe cut to the desired length for your application (not included). The pipe fits down over the top portion of the base and the lid sits on top of the pipe at ground level. Manufactured in the USA by Plastic Oddities“Friend of the Plumber”.  Quality Plastic Oddities parts – since 1975.



  • 4.5” depth for irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Base accepts any 6” diameter pipe
  • Lid sets securely in 6" SCH 40 DWV Pipe
  • Made in the USA



  • Available in two varieties

          6” base with green water cover

          6” base with black sewer cover

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