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Pressure and Temperature Gauges

Pressure and Temperature Gauges


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Series LFDPTG-1 Combination Pressure and Temperature Gauges are used in commercial, residential, and institutional HVAC applications. These gauges are bottom-entry type models with black enamel steel cases, Kostil Polymer windows, 1/2" (15mm) NPT connections, copper alloy Bourdon tube pressure elements, and bi-metal spiral springs. Accuracy is ASME, Type B. The Series LFDPTG-1 gauges are available in various pressure rating scales. The dual pressure scale features PSI and kPa measurements. The dual temperature scale features F and C measurements


    • Measures: Fahrenheit Celsius Pressure
    • Features: Lead Free
    • Mount: Bottom
    • Kostil polymer window
    • Copper alloy Bourdon pressure element
    • Bimetal spiral spring temperature element
    • Tin alloy welding
    • 1/2" (15 mm) NPT connection
    • ASME Type "B" accuracy
    • Black enamel steel case

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