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SharkBite Brass FNPT Reducing Adapter - Lead Free

SharkBite Brass FNPT Reducing Adapter - Lead Free


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The FNPT Reducing Adapter Connectors combine innovative push-to-connect design with a standard FNPT adapter on the opposite end. The push-fit end is compatible with copper, PEX, CPVC or PE-RT pipes and can be installed with no solder, glue, unions or tools required. These fittings are rated to 200°F and 200 PSI.



  • Instant push-fit connection for increased ease-of-use: No soldering, clamps, unions, or glue required.
  • Fits copper tubing, and CTS CPVC and PEX: Connects all three types in any combination.
  •  Integral pipe liner for PEX installations: Integrated design means no loose components, ensures secure, reliable connection.
  • Design certified and agency listed: Inspector friendly, peace of mind!
  •  Compact, robust Lead Free DZR brass body: Foundation of a strong, corrosion resistant, durable fitting.
  • Design certified to NSF/ANSI 61, NSF/ASNI 14 and ASSE 1061 product standard for use in potable water and hydronic heating water distribution: Quality engineered and manufactured.
  • Approved to be used underground and behind walls without access panels.
  • Designed for hydronic heating as well as potable water distribution
  • Fittings certified to 200 PSI and 200°F (93°C): Proven durability and quality.




  • ½” FNPT x ½” Push-Fit
  • ½” FNPT x ¾” Push-Fit
  • ¾” FNPT x ¾” Push-Fit
  • 1” FNPT x 1’ Push-Fit




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