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Plastic Oddities

Shallow Sump Floor Drain

Shallow Sump Floor Drain


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Shallow Sump Floor Sinks have interior surfaces that are sloped and smooth to allow maximum flow.  The medium duty drain has 4” height for slab installation and consists of a plastic secondary strainer.  Manufactured and assembled in the USA by Plastic Oddities, “Friend of the Plumber”. The drain (floor sink) is made of corrosive resistant plastic and with threaded brass inserts for attaching grates.  Plastic Oddities also offers a variety of options with the grate.  Quality Plastic Oddities parts – since 1975.



  • Medium duty drain with 4” height for slab installation
  • Plastic secondary strainer
  • Interior surfaces are smooth and sloped for maximum flow
  • Made of corrosive resistant plastic
  • Threaded brass inserts for attaching grate
  • Made in the USA



  • Size availability

          Fit over 2” or inside 3” SCH 40 DWV pipe

          Fit over 3” or inside 3” SCH 40 DWV pipe

  • 9 1/2” diameter grates

          Full grate: aluminum or nickel

          Three quarter grate: aluminum or nickel

          Half grate: aluminum or nickel



Additional Information: This product is also available in ABS. For availability and pricing please call us at 800-863-1367 or email us at Minimum order may apply.


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