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Plastic Oddities

Backwater Valve Kit - Old Style

Backwater Valve Kit - Old Style


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The “OLD STYLE” kit includes lid, flapper, NO GASKET and 4 bolts.  The “OLD STYLE” lid has a flat edge where the flapper inserts into the backwater valve; whereas the new style lid has an obvious step-out on one side where the flapper inserts into the body of the backwater valve.  The gasket for the “OLD STYLE” is no longer available. If the original gasket cannot be reused, the buyer must provide their own gasket material or sealant.  Manufactured and assembled in the USA by Plastic Oddities, “Friend of the Plumber”.  Quality Plastic Oddities parts – since 1975.


  • Includes lid, flapper, and 4 bolts
  • There is NO GASKET in this kit 
  • Made in the USA


  • 3” or 4” over pipe size backwater valves – OLD STYLE
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