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Wholesale Industrial Supply is a plumbing supply store that sells shower drains, floor drains, roof drains and general purpose drains. You can Build-a-Drain to get the exact drain that you need. It is easy to Build-a-Drain. Choose the pipe fit size and the strainer or grate that you desire. Then choose if you want any of the other options such as the receiver pan or under deck clamp which is available for the Roof Drain. 

As you choose the different options, the photo will change to show you exactly the item that you will be receiving. The photos are actual pictures of the real item you will be purchasing so you can zoom in on the photo to see the details of each drain. It is clear to see the manufactured high quality of each product. In addition to the photos changing as you select the product options, the price will also change. Therefore, you will know exactly the cost for the item you want to purchase.

The Build-a-Drain is easy and exciting! Get what you want at a great wholesale discounted price. 


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